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Matcha thin tea has already won the hearts of many proponents of healthy weight loss in Austria. The organic functional blend of the drink includes Matcha green tea extract enriched with taurine and citric acid. The tested 100% natural composition helps you lose weight quickly without any effort.

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Matcha Slim - a new philosophy of weight loss

Slimness is not only external attractiveness and self-confidence, but also lightness and health. Being overweight, on the other hand, is an additional burden on the joints and the cardiovascular system. Many nutritionists advocate weight loss, however, in the minds of most people in Austria this process remains difficult and exhausting.

The approach to weight loss can vary. Diet does not always help weight loss by slowing down the metabolism and not everyone can afford intense physical activity. However, even if these violent methods can lead to weight loss, the side effects do more harm than good. The stress for the body is too great and the lost pounds will soon return.

The modern scientific approach allows you to use the physiological processes of the body for natural weight loss without effort. The organic functional blend of Matcha Slim drinks allows you to lose weight in the most comfortable way for the body without stress, exhaustion and slowing down the metabolism. This is its main difference from traditional methods.

An old recipe for harmony

Matcha tea has been known for its beneficial properties since ancient times

According to the ancient Asian tradition of drinking tea, special attention has always been paid in spiritual practices. Matcha tea has been used since ancient times to restore harmony of mind and body. And this is not surprising, because its healing properties were known to Buddhist monks in ancient times and were highly valued even in imperial dynasties. Now Austria has finally discovered this drink.

We have slightly improved the old recipe so that weight loss is more intense, but at the same time it does not cause discomfort. With its help, you can not only lose weight quickly, but also improve your body. The complex action is due to the properties of tea:

Comprehensive approach to weight loss

The minimum recommended course of drinking Matcha Slim tea is 1 month. This is due to the fact that different processes are triggered in the body in turn, which affect the overall result.

1 week


Appetite and nervous irritability are reduced, healthy sleep is normalized.

Weight loss from 1 to 2. 5 kg

Week 2


Excess fluid is removed, metabolism is accelerated, adsorbents bind and toxins are removed.

Weight loss 4, 5 to 6 kg

Week 3

Fat burning

Fat deposits are reduced by active oxidation and lipid breakdown.

Weight loss from 7 to 10 kg

Week 4

Pin results

Accelerated metabolism speeds up by converting all the calories burned into energy. This prevents further weight gain.

Weight loss 11, 5 to 13 kg

A comprehensive approach to losing weight prevents you from regaining your previous weight in the future. After the Matcha Slim course, the body is tuned to work harmoniously, when all the food is converted into energy and the body is filled with lightness.

Research on the effectiveness of Matcha Slim tea

The Melbourne Institute of Food Science and Technology conducted laboratory studies over two years that resulted in the introduction of Match thin tea powder.

Independent research in Europe and Asia confirms that Matcha Slim tea is the best natural product for fast and safe weight loss.

The study involved about 5, 800 people of different genders and ages, who were overweight more than 15 pounds. After taking Match Slim for a month, their weight loss was as follows:

Health and weight control are inseparable

3 to 5 kg


5 to 8 kg


8 to 12 kg


From 12 to 15 kg


At the same time, for the purity of the experiment, the entire experimental group did not change their usual lifestyle, did not follow the child, and did not have additional physical exertion. At the end of the study, participants were asked to describe their condition. Almost everyone said they feel better overall. This was expressed in energy, normalization of sleep phases and reduction of fatigue levels. 95% of participants expressed a desire to take Matcha Slim tea in the future as a preventive course to maintain health and good physical shape. No side effects have been identified.

Formula of soul and body harmony

100% natural composition can do wonders. The organic base of Matcha tea, enriched with taurine and lemon extract, significantly increases its efficiency. The synergistic effect enables fast weight loss of up to 13 kilograms within a month.

Matcha thin drinking mixture is completely natural and does not contain synthetic additives, dyes, preservatives or GMOs. The organic matter is completely harmless, acts gently and has no side effects. Therefore, its use makes your weight loss a pleasant procedure.

Our contribution to your harmonious weight loss

Slimness and lightness - the result of the course of using Match Slim

Matcha Slim is exactly what you need if you are trying to be healthier, in good shape and in a good mood, never get tired and get enough sleep.

Weight loss support in the form of a discount will be given to those who hurry to order a limited product. Hurry up to start harmonious weight loss with Matcha Slim with the opportunity to save 50% of your costs. You can buy organic tea powder on our official website until the end of the day at a reduced price of 49€ - find out the price in other countries.

Strict diets and exhausting exercise regimens are no longer needed. Excess weight will disappear naturally, so you should not be afraid of withdrawal symptoms. Thanks to Matcha Slim, weight loss will be pleasant, and its delicious taste will turn you into a true connoisseur of the tea ceremony!

Doctor's review

Doctor Nutritionist Manfred Manfred
20 years
Based on my experience, I gave up the rough methods of fighting for the ideal weight. Ways of losing weight, forcing the body into a rigid frame, only cause disharmony in work and, as a result, harm health. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. When people in Austria ask me how best to lose weight, I always recommend Matcha thin tea powder. It harmoniously reconstructs the work of the body, forcing it to get rid of fat in the background of general recovery. Cleansing, rejuvenating and multiplying the metabolism improves your body without exhausting and relaxing the skin, as in other cases.